Beauty of the Husband

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Beauty of the Husband

I’m reading Endurance, and I keep returning to the passage with this quote:

“The rapidity with which one can completely...accommodate [themselves] to a state of barbarism is wonderful.”

It’s not far off. Carson deals with infidelity, which isn’t a topic that terribly interests me, however beauty/truth (as Keats correlated the two) is a terribly good reference to explore the complexities of marriage and monogamy. I cannot claim to do her justice by stealing the title, but I want to join the conversation.

In the Victorian era, lovers used flowers to communicate secret messages. Each flower had, attached to it, some hidden meaning. Here are a few to start:

CARNATION: Pink–I Will Never Forget You; Red–My Heart Breaks; White–Sweet and Lovely; Yellow–Disdain; Striped–I Cannot Be with you

CAMELLIA: My Destiny Is in Your Hands

HYACINTH: Blue–Constancy; Purple–Please Forgive Me; White–Beauty

GERANIUM: Oak-leaf–True Friendship; Pencil-leaf–Ingenuity; Wild–Steadfast Piety; Scarlet–Stupidity

DAHLIA: Dignity

I’ve begun a few drawings. I wanted a very different look for this collection—no cropping, no heavy lines; I wanted stark, naked and exposed. And I’m not finished with my blue series yet, so keep looking for additions to both in the coming weeks.