Etre fleur bleue

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Etre fleur bleue

etre fleur bleue

To be soppy. To be sentimental, be romantic—

I recently started Bluets, by Maggie Nelson. She begins her book by writing:

"Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color. Suppose I were to speak this as though it were a confession; suppose I shredded my napkin as we spoke. It began slowly. An appreciation, an affinity. Then one day, it became more became somehow personal."

I read about fifteen pages aloud before my husband stopped me and asked, why do you like sad things? The answer isn't profound. I just don't find sad things so sad. Such as snail tears (photo taken from Color, Victoria Finley)

Better to be moved.

Perhaps this is sentimental. So I am dedicating my next group of drawings (which can be found under the galleries tab) to my sister, who requested blue.